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Activités pour groupes primaires

Mémoires sherbrookoises

Une série d’activités sont proposées pour découvrir l’évolution de la ville au fil des décennies à travers la rencontre de Sherbrookoises et Sherbrookois d’hier et d’aujourd’hui.

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From Mill to Factory

From Mill to Factory teaches students the essential role the Magog River played in the birth and industrial development of the city.

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Christmases Past

This activity is adapted to each cycle and gives an overview of holiday traditions, some of which have disappeared, both in English- and French-speaking communities.

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Direction hôtel de ville
Destination City Hall

Survey one of Sherbrooke’s oldest streets and discover several aspects of the city’s development, including the evolution of its municipal politics. The council chambers at City Hall will be open to you, and you’ll have the opportunity to form a brief new city council!

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Passeport pour les vacances

Vos histoires,
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